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Fast. Effective. Available off-the-shelf!

From Category IV to Category X, Nomina-1 is the better solution for TSA identity compliance. It's fast, inexpensive, easy to install and even easier to use.

It works with all known badge, access and security systems, and even works with ordinary spreadsheets.

You can be fully compliant in just 1 business day.

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We are ACI-NA members, and we offer certain discounts to ACI-NA member facilities.

We are also corporate members of the AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives).

From Coast to Coast, the #1 name in TSA name checking software is Nominasoft!
Featuring fast installation and deployment with almost no training, our product remains the fastest and most cost effective solution available to airports today.

The cost-effective solution to your SD 1520-10E-1 Problems.

Cost Effective!
Our solution is perfect for Cat. 4 through Cat. X and comes with one full year of free technical support and upgrades.
Soon-to-be-available options include point-of-entry identity checks, enhanced arabic language processing and automated data file acquisition.

Easy to use!
Designed for daily use by entry-level Law Enforcement staff, Nomina-1 requires very little training, and can even be configured by non-IT staff.
You can be up and running in as little as 25 minutes!

Easy to install!
IT Department Friendly... and very easy to support! Nomina-1 is almost maintenance free. You only need to set it up once, and Nomina-1 supplies plain english messages. All settings are easy to locate, easy to adjust and simple to understand.

Secure and Easy to Maintain!
Our software is created using techniques that avoid common software problems. More importantly, our applications are well-behaved and do not introduce security vulnerabilities or use high-risk components like Internet Explorer.

Version 4.1, our off-the-shelf software used in Airports around the country, costs just $4995 and meets or exceeds the needs of working airports from Category IV to Category X.

NOTE: VERSION 4.1 NOW SHIPPING WITH ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD - You can be up and running in 1 business day from time of purchase!

Available off the shelf Now.

Thanks to a new automated system, We now offer 1 business day turnaround!
Note: Please don't wait until the last minute - we still have to schedule an install appointment, and we're currently limited to 5 installation assists per day. Getting the software installed and running isn't hard, but the installation assist amounts to free training... So please order early!

Our Nomina ICT Identity Compliance Tool is the industry's first and only comprehensive off-the-shelf solution. It virtually eliminates fines and penalties for non-compliance in less than thirty minutes, and makes you Audit Ready in 3 days.

Get compliant today!

With a reasonable price tag, Nomina ICT is the right solution for your facility. Now you can get compliant without paying ongoing monthly fees for an outside service bureau, or find yourself struggling to obtain hastily written software from a private vendor. Nomina works with any existing badge system.

Dealing with Audits

With Nomina ICT, there is no reason to be penalized.

Nomina ICT was designed from the ground up with an emphasis on security and procedural audits. It eliminates the problem of qualifying outside vendors to obtain CFR 49 USC Sec. 40119 Security Sensitive Information data, because our turn-key solution runs on your systems and requires no outside help to install or maintain.

Automate your Workflow

Nomina ICT turns a long job into one that takes only a few minutes.
You'll immediately save staff time from this, and our software will properly check your lists each and every time you run it.

In addition, the advanced and professional versions allow you to automate your Identity Compliance workflow, providing the ability to perform compliance checks automatically as often as you like. [ More Information ]

Nominasoft - only from Argia

Nominasoft can provide you with more than off-the-shelf products. We provide your organization with specialized technical assistance for problems in Applied Intelligence, Surveillance and Large Scale Knowledge Processing, including:

  • GIS, Logistics and Communications Integration.
  • Law Enforcement and Communications Automation.
  • Audio and Video Surveillance database inference processing.
  • Pilot Programs/Commercialization of Symbolic Systems.
  • Application Development for Law Enforcement.

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